Saturasi Architects is an architectural planning and design studio founded by Achmad Nur Ababil Azasmara since 2019. And has a team of Ivanda Bary Pratama & Ahmad Desta Aris Widodo.

In 2019 we established an architectural studio. Formed a team called Saturasi, the philosophy is One which means Unity, where our team of three has different skills “with different experiences, then put together into One Feeling, One Soul, and SatuRasi, the constellation which means the star / light that is related to form a special configuration in a three-dimensional space / architecture that are interconnected with each other. And we have a vision #responsivedesign which means Design that responds to the surrounding context / Human, Culture, Material, ClimateResponse, which is an emphasis on our design. And also Responsive to adjustment (saturation) in that context, can be aligned or contrast. We always try to create innovative and creative ideas in responding to today’s architectural and interior needs, and we have a target of being able to participate in building a better face of space and city.

Our Team

Achmad Nur Ababil A. S.Ars

Founder & Principal Architect

Ivanda Bary Pratama, S.Ars

Co-Founder & Project Director

Ahmad Desta Aris Widodo, S.Ars

Supervisor & Design Director

Imam N. Maliki, S.T,

Structural Engineering (Outsourcing)

Alin Ilman Haris, S.Ars

Assistant & Junior Architect

Ikhda Sholihatin Alfaini, S.Ars

Junior Architect

Rambiga Ramadhanta, S.Ars

Drafter Engineering

Putri Syaharani, S.Ars

Junior Architect

Dwi Ayu Wulansari, S.Ars

Junior Architect